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Present & the Future

The only way to nourish and nurture the innocence is through love.

As a part of its commencement phase, Vatsalya has launched a marathon data gathering initiative on children and young adult literature in India. To date, no comprehensive literary survey has been conducted on children's literature in India and therefore data on this subject is at best fragmented and anecdotal. This literary survey, which will eventually take the shape of an online database, catalogs the books and monographs published in our regional languages. Wherever possible, a complete bibliographical listing has been built for both preservation and ease of accessibility. The research project also documents the availability of juvenile literature in India in translation. The "in print" and "out of print" status of works identified also falls within the scope of the project and is being recorded. This ongoing activity, to be automated soon, will serve as a catalyst and a valuable clearinghouse of information on the state of children's literature in India. It will provide both researchers and book lovers an online information gateway to accurate and current information on children's works in our country. Web-enabled access will therefore allow those residing outside India to also locate information on India's literary cannon for children which will, in turn, stimulate the commercial viability of such publications. Links to publishers' websites directly from the catalog records will facilitate quick and easy acquisition of these books if they happen to be readily available. If you are an author or a publisher of children's literature, we encourage you to get in touch with us and provide us with complete information about your achievements so that we may catalog it in our database for seamless global access.


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