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Glimpse of the Past

The only way to nourish and nurture the innocence is through love.

Vatsalya was founded in 2005 to foster the growth of children's literature in the Indian vernacular. Vatsalya has also set out to identify the seminal works of classical children's literature in each of the Indian regional languages and to spread awareness about the distinguished authors of children's literature in these languages. At the heart is the Padma Binani Foundation's commitment to provide direct and unqualified access to the real India for millions of children growing up in an environment that is highly prone to external influences.

The Foundation continues to achieve this objective through a streamlined publishing initiative with the publication of original children's fiction and non-fiction in regional languages. There also exists an active sponsorship program in which classical works of art for children are translated into regional Indian languages by expert translators.

From its humble beginnings to its current stature as a leading NGO dedicated to the noble cause of young adult literacy, Vatsalya has, through its children's outreach program, touched the hearts and minds of millions of children by giving them the opportunity to read, to learn and to get a head start in an era of global hyper-competition. The transition has been steady and sure and there are several milestones which the Foundation hopes to achieve as time goes by. They include:

  • Grassroots literacy for children
  • Identifying lesser known works of children's literature for global exposure
  • Cross-translation of children's literature
  • Promoting musical talent in children
  • Rural literary outreach program

Please feel free to get in touch with Vatsalya for more information, to submit a proposal or to join one of our ongoing projects.


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