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Our Books

The only way to convert ignorance into intelligence is by providing the warmth of knowledge.


Narmada Ke Tat Se
A compilation of recollection of the instances and experiences by Smt. Padma Binani that conditional and constituted her personality as a writer, scholar and a responsible human being.

Trishna Trupti Jignasa
A handy reckoner that answers all your Questions arising out of the dilemmas that the modern world is threatening us with. The book finds eternal relevance in the context as these Questions are perennial to all the generations.


Ghanshyam Binani
A great biography of Shri Ghanshyam Binani by Mr. M.V.Kamat intricately captures his life and beauty.

Karm Yog Ke Pathik
A memoir of her husband Shri Ghanshyam Binani by Smt. Padma Binani where all the important aspects of his life, ventures, struggles, character, sensitivity, love and achievements are beautifully depicted.


Priyatama is a uniquely conceptualized book especially for today's contemporary society by Smt. Padma Binani. It depicts the deep secretive relationship between spiritual philosophy, materialistic science and humanity.

Kids Books

Health Guide of India A to Z
Authenticated information on Ayurveda and simple guidelines for healthy living.

India Ki Kalam Se A to Z
Comprehensive information on the history of India in a unique A to Z format.

Mahabharat A to Z
Mahabharat encapsulated beautifully into 26 short stories. A thoroughly researched and informative book which provides delight to the reader.

Sama Ek Bada Baaj
A collection of short educational stories for children.

Mahabharat A to Z (English)
The book 'Mahabharat A-Z' is a unique presentation of the great ancient epic, the Mahabharat. The book is written in English language and contains 26 short stories, one story each for the alphabet of the English language.

General Knowledge

Bharat Darshan
An authentic and remarkable account of historical, geographical, factual and cultural richness of the entire country comprehended beautifully in this book.




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