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Transcending the Language Barrier

The only way to nourish and nurture the innocence is through love.

Language plays an important role in contemporary culture. It is not only a catalyst of communication through the verbal and written media but also showcases the beauty language embodies. It conveys a legacy-- the legacy of cultural diversity embedded in the various regional languages of a nation. Though we all live in an Euro-centric world with English as the mainstay of communication, we should remember that a segment of the English language originates from ancient India. During the next phase of the Vatsalya campaign, we will identify the best works of children's literature in every Indian language and then arrange for their translation into Hindi, English and other regional languages of India. These books for children will be meticulously edited. During this process, we will carefully preserve the original ethos of the work. We are confident that with cooperation from authors and publishers, we will be able to accomplish this meaningful task.

Though we all live in an era in which English is the primary mode of communication globally, many authors of children's literature have published superior quality books in foreign languages to which India's younger generation will now have access. This initiative will go a long way in fulfilling the dual mission of knowledge-- learning and entertainment.

If you are a language professional with substantial experience in translating books for children, here is an opportunity to become a part of the Vatsalya community and help transcend the language barrier globally.


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