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About Our Founder

Smt. Padma Binani

The Padma Binani Foundation is a cultural organization which is inspired by the dreams and vision of its chairperson and founder Smt. Padma Binani. She hails from a family which was actively involved in India's struggle for Independence from the British Raj. The young and impressionable mind of Smt. Padma Binani inherently experienced the gradual transformation of the pro-establishment environment into an anti-establishment one within her own family.

Smt. Padma Binani has been deeply associated with literature and the fine arts from her early years. Her father, the Late Seth Govind Das ji, was a great parliamentarian and a prolific writer. He was a pillar of strength for his daughter. Young Smt. Binani inherited high ideals from her illustrious father. She was married to the Late Shri Ghanshyam Ji Binani, a patron of art and culture, who was selflessly committed to social causes and tirelessly worked for human upliftment.

Smt. Binani believes that in Indian society today, individuals are in a state of flux and are experiencing an inability to relate to their cultural grounding. She attributes this to the transient nature of our social milieu which exposes the individual to an unprecedented multiplicity of views. The result is that our younger and highly impressionable generation is growing up in a fast-moving world with few role models, cultural inputs and experiential guidance. This has provided her with the impetus to start the Padma Binani Foundation.

The Three Gems

The Padma Binani Foundation has envisioned three distinct bodies or missions which implement the various programs of the Foundation in a manner that is both cohesive and consistent with the Foundation's aims and objectives.


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