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About Akshar

The only way to convert ignorance into intelligence is by providing the warmth of knowledge.

In an age of online reality where trillions of bytes travel through cyber space delivering millions of pages of knowledge, the printed page still continues to preserve its dominance and leadership position. Akshar is the publishing arm of the Padma Binani Foundation. It is driven by our quest for a fulfilling future for our children which we hope to accomplish through the publication of relevant literature in all the major languages of India. Our books are based on an underlying theme that is deeply rooted in ground reality-- namely that the global citizens of tomorrow need direction today.

Print titles published by Akshar draw their inspiration from the artistic and cultural heritage of India steeped in a rich tradition of mythology and ancient ritual. They are expertly translated, vividly illustrated and affordably priced so that both parents and educators can acquire them with no inhibitions. Our books continue to remain meaningful and relevant in an age where opposing forces of culture and modernism are posing more questions to our children than ever before. Perhaps our books can help you answer some of these questions so that you can attempt to present a balanced perspective for your children. Please explore our repository and select those publications that may interest your children. Inspire them to read these books and use them as points of guiding light so that their future continues to remain bright in tomorrow's India and does not fade into oblivion.

In addition to juvenile literature, Akshar also publishes inspirational literature for adults. These works continue to share a long-lasting connection with our country's history, culture and heritage. We hope to expand our journey into our country's rich past to bring to you works of art that strive to preserve their relevance even after thousands of years.


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